Monday, December 10, 2012

The Big List of Shopping Sites

Here is the 'resurrected' listing of all the sites I have accumulated over the years.  I try to keep the better (in my opinion) links higher up, but I do keep a section of newer sites just below my favorites, so you can check out what has appeared on the radar recently.  I'll maintain this page over time, but the best links will be on the main page as well, for convenience.

I'll be working on the list order (and the formatting >.<) over time.

My Favorites  - Very targeted, but not as extensive as other sites.  A mix of Tech and other deals.  Almost always great deals. - Companion site to a Mac deals page (  Good deals, a mix of Tech and other, and categorized as well as time-sorted. - One of the better 'deal a day' sites.  Purchased by Amazon, but continues to be a great place to look for good to great deals. - Complete, with a mix heavy on Tech, but other things thrown in if the deal is good.  New deals list at the top of the page throughout the day.

Newer Links - Newer online coupon site, recently emailed to me.  Looks like a good one, check it out! - Another newer site that has a rewards toolbar associated with it (at this link) as well as an iOS / Android app (at this link)

The Rest of the List - Another VERY extensive list, and very well organized - sorted by category or store name.  I'll be checking this new page out a little, but it sure looks like a keeper - Big mix, but mostly decent deals.  Newest deals at the top, which I like.
Ben's Bargains - Smaller selection, but seems to be pretty well filtered for just good deals - A very promising site, with mostly 'techie' bargains listed.  Not a huge number of specific deals, but the ones they have up seem like a goot bunch. - Seems to have a fairly small selection of deals, but so far it looks to have a pretty decent filter, most of the ones it does have seem pretty good. - A newer 'deal a day' site.  I don't like this one as much as Woot, but it's not bad. - Little tech stuff, but a good list
Funtasia's Internet Coupons - Usually a pretty good list of non-tech stuff - Not that great, looks like it's still updated though - Not bad, not great - Decent site, but I am not fond of the organization - Not that amazing, though the list is good...ugly formatting - OK, mostly so-so deals and quasi-ads
MoreStuff4Less - Doesn't look groundbreaking, but it has good stuff, and is date-sorted nicely.
FatWallet - This site looks to be fairly extensive, with a mix of tech, electronics, and home deals.
Coupon Paradise - Smallish, just coupon lists, but fairly thorough
Coupon Craze - Listed mostly by store...takes a little to get through this one, but it seems OK
GoGo Shopper - Simple, deal list by date, nothing fancy.  Mostly clothing and home items
American Shopping Online - Fairly commercial site, but there are some good deals and links - Mix of deals, well written but not extensive, mostly home items

The 'Also Ran' list (poor quality or dead sites) - Doesn't look like it's been updated this year, will have to watch this one. - Dead, or possibly moving / reformatting, will keep an eye on this one - Doesn't seem to be updated any more, no recent deals or links.
Coupon Madness - Turned into an extreme couponing blog, last updated in March 2012
Incredible DVD - Deals appear to be gone, just a link and forum listing now - "Last updated 7/26/04" - A site specifically dealing with for now, it looks like - Dead. - Last updated 2010? - Dead, for a while now if I remember correctly - Dead
Flamingo World - usually ick
PriceZilla - Finally died, that's ok though :P - updated...I think.  Click if you like popups! - "upgraded" to a forums site on freebies.  It's an improvement...
Coupon Finders - Seems to have died
Coupon Garden - Definitely dead now
ComputerLandCentral - Appears to be dead for now - Amazon link trap now it seems, not heavily curated any more

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