Friday, February 15, 2013

Best Buy appliance sale

Best Buy is having a 10-25% off sale on major appliances, so this might be a good time to shop if you've been thinking about replacing a stove or refrigerator.  Some items come with free shipping, and they have cheap installation on dishwashers as well.

Fairly long list, I won't try to filter it since these are rather personal choices.

One thing to note here (from personal experience, with Best Buy and major appliances both), delivery can take longer than it seems like it should, and be ready for any installation you order to come with an 'extra fee' when the installer can't fit the new item in where the old one was.  It's a common tactic, and sometimes they are telling you the truth, but not always.  Installation is usually done by a 3rd party company, so you never know quite who you will be dealing with.

I had a washing machine installed and had a perfect experience (through Best Buy).  I had a built-in oven / microwave installed through Sears, and even though I couldn't see any issues, the installer insisted it would take cutting up the casework a little to get a fit, and charged ~$20 extra.  YMMV, so be prepared.

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